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Renewables & Mining Surveys

Ferguson Perry Surveying offers a range of specialist survey solutions for renewable energy and mining projects in south eastern Australia.

land division and subdivision


Having been involved in some of the largest renewable energy projects in western Victoria, you can trust our industry experience and in-depth knowledge to deliver accurate, reliable results to keep your project running on time.

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Wind farm construction surveys

Our team work closely with the project contractors providing a very high level of service to the civil contractors for roads, pads and site preparation works. Working with the tower contractors, our surveyors can set out the earthworks for foundation preparation and complete precise surveys of the base installation and conformance checks.

Solar farm construction surveys

The key to successful solar farm projects is efficiency and accuracy. The Ferguson Perry Surveying team work closely with all contractors to establish an efficient set-out process to boost the construction productivity.

Infrastructure Corridor Surveys

Construction and Engineering Surveys

Deformation surveys

Deformation surveys are performed for a wide variety of construction, mining and engineering applications, including monitoring buildings adjacent to excavations, road slippages, dam structures, bridges, tanks, processing plants and monitoring of infrastructure where movement may be suspected.

Hydrographic surveys

Hydrographic surveys, or bathymetric surveys, measure features and create detailed plans of waterways, including oceans, shorelines, seabeds, tides and currents. These surveys are often required for marine construction projects, including offshore mining exploration, the construction of ports and piers, as well as land reclamation, hydropower and flood control.

Mining Lease surveys

A Mining Lease allows the holder to mine a specific piece of land, and requires an accurate, detailed survey to achieve approval from governing authorities. These surveys must be carried out by a Licensed Surveyor.

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olympic dam rebuild


Conserving places of cultural significance is important to our community, and requires understanding and respect.

The data collected in cultural heritage surveys can help communities to appreciate and understand the history and significance of a place, as well as preserve the area for years to come.

Our experienced team has worked in conjunction with Approved Cultural Heritage Advisors on a variety of cultural heritage surveys, providing an in-depth understanding of cultural heritage requirements, working closely with the project teams to ensure the community requirements are met.

Our staff understand and respect the environmental, food production, community and cultural sensitivity related to many of these projects.

Trust our experience for your next project

Our extensive experience in the renewables and mining industries enables us to provide comprehensive, tailored survey and consulting solutions for a wide variety of projects.

wind farm engineering surveys

Ferguson Perry Surveying has had extensive experience in mining exploration and mining lease surveys having a major input into the establishment of the Iluka mineral sands mine south of Horsham.

We have also been involved with some of the major renewable energy projects in Western Victoria, including solar and wind farm projects such as the Bulgana, Stockyard Hill, Murra Warra and Salt Creek Windfarms. Our involvement has ranged from the initial land tenure investigations, GIS data preparation and mapping, through to the construction phase.

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Use precise, accurate data to make informed decisions on your renewable energy or mining project.

Contact the experienced team at Ferguson Perry to discuss your needs.

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